Grave Care Scotland for Graveside and Gravestone Cleaning Services and Resting Place Maintenance for Scottish, UK and Overseas families...

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As featured on the Sunday Morning show with Cathy McDonald on BBC Radio Scotland, July 2012.
Grave Care Scotland specialises in tending graves and memorials of our loved ones across Central Scotland. A family business established in 2010 we tend resting places within a 20 mile radius of the City of Stirling but are willing to travel farther at specially negotiated prices agreed with our customers.

When our loved ones pass on we always start with good intentions however over the passage of time our commitment to tending their resting place decreases. Don't feel guilty, let us take that pain away.

There are many reasons for not being able to attend, whether you live abroad, have moved outwith the area, find it difficult due to work pressures or health problems, or simply find visiting too emotional, we can help you in the knowledge that the work will be conducted with professional care, dignity and respect by a family run business who have been in the very same position as yourself.

We provide a range of  services, including regular cleaning and upkeep of graves, plots and memorials, re painting of memorial benches, planting of seasonal bulbs, plants and delivery of floral displays or wreaths.

Our grave caring prices start from under £1 per week!!.

Video, what we do and what people think. Please click on the link below and let us know what you think

 "Through the Gates"

Testimonials -

Mrs A, Manchester  - "Thanks for your excellent service, I'll tell all my Scottish friends"

Prof A Hook, Glasgow - "Careful and caring, reliable and skilfully professional"

Dennis Gardener, Perth - "As a Will writer I have an amount of conversations with clients about not wanting burial because no one in the family is prepared to look after the plot for generations to come. Perhaps it's because families move away, some drift apart and some just don't know where previous generations are laid to rest. I've found an incredible solution to the problem. Scott Williamson from Grave Care Scotland, what a wonderful man, he has a passion for looking after peoples graves, from single annual cleans through to placing flowers at birthdays and special anniversaries, keeping the family informed of the state of the stone and surrounding plot and getting a stonemason in on behalf of the families when remedial work is necessary. No pressure washers for Scott, it's loving application of soap, water and elbow grease that brings the weathered stone back up to tip top standard. Scott cares and has a passion for making that difference and when he is done he proudly takes a picture of the completed work and sends it to the family. Please watch his video it is truly heart-warming and makes you know there are still good ethical and caring people out there who take a pride in doing an excellent job. I recommend and will continue to recommend his services to all."

Ms L Brown, Grangemouth - I am really pleased with your work. I can see more of the grave now and it looks tidy, clean and neat. I would highly recommend you and your business.  I found dealing with you to be a pleasure because you are considerate, tactful and kind.  For some people it can be a really emotional thing to deal with, so your approach is ideal."

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